“Very grateful to be part of this retreat. It’s brought me a certain level of consciousness that makes me want to weep with so much love and joy. What an amazing gift, humbled by it all.

Beautiful couple, Maq and Suraiya took really good care of everyone in our group. (Maq is a great communicator with a fine taste in music and Suraiya has loving, healing hands whom also creates the best ever vegan meals). Love, Love, Love” – Asela – Philippines

How truly wonderful to have such special loving people care and look after you when you are in a truly vulnerable state. What a spiritual experience!. Would highly recommend Maq and Suraiya and have the utmost confidence in them. Love love love – Mary – Zimbabwe




“Ahhh, what can I say man… I am single, I am proud, I am confident, I am lovable, I am energetic, I am in flow, I trust the universe and it proves itself all the time, I am in balance, I love myself, I flirt, I laugh, I smile, I cry, I dance, I dream, I sleep like a rock, I am doing business, I help others to succeed, I am excited, present, open and healthily sceptical. All because of Grandma and you guys.

Blessed are we the who are granted a chance to live like this in this moment.” – Alexander – Norway



“I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Maq and the team for the work that they do. They have helped to open my heart and the hearts of many others. When I see and experience them at work it is with great awe, love and profound thanks for the pure love that flows through them.

If you really want to cut through the bullshit then put yourself in the safe hands of these people. They will see you, there is no hiding, and then If you let them, they will heal you and guide you towards your authentic self. You are the light.

I look forward to journeying further with these wise Shamans, to deepening my knowing and expanding my capacity to help heal the world. Big Big love, Rosie” – Rosie – England


freedom man

“I have had the pleasure of participating in both ceremonies with Maq as provider, facilitator and integrator. He provides safe space in the sessions allowing the participants to work through their experiences with the power medicines at play in the human body. He work with the sacred plants with his own artistic style, knowledge and openness and I experienced that he can take part of the energy experienced within the participants ( such as me ) supporting me to explore and discover aspects of myself and the very nature of life. His multi cultural background, combination of humour and depth, understanding of music as vibrational energy and his drum playing makes a ceremony with Maq a true possibility to benefit . Both for the experienced etheongen traveller and individuals  that is new to the medicines. 

Harmony, humour , openness and the ability to move with the medicine in the manifested dimension of the participant and with the group as whole is a great gift he is allowing to flow through him. I hold him as a genuine lightworker.” Stig – Norway




“Maq, is an amazing individual whose whole intention is to help find love and healing in everyone. I am grateful to have met and spent time with such a humble person who has taken care of me during my time with the plant medicine.

In life, you don’t know who’s hands you could end up in, but trust in the universe and the universe will guide you to the right people. Thank you Maq for all your hard work and healing. I look forward to seeing you again soon. Peace & Love” – Bups – London

“Maq and Suraiya’s retreats are amazing!… They are truly knowledgeable and respectful with their craft. They provide a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment from which to relax, explore and grow. They are excellent guides and in addition, they superb home-cooked vegan food throughout the entire retreat!…
*Their retreats are truly a gift for the mind, body and soul. 
*It will leave you glowing and growing! ??? 
*Highly recommend!” – Asare London



If any of the above information resonates with you, then please see one of our group retreats or private retreats or contact us to know more about what is the right way forward for you.




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