In loving memory of  


Suraiya Kashmiri  


Feb 1958 – Nov 2020

Throughout your ascension process you were a teacher of patience, humbleness and selfless  unconditional love. Teaching us these virtues as you have every moment of your life.

That patience taught us that every single thing on this earth has its moment in time, and to allow  it.

That humbleness teaching us to be grateful for the shelter we have and the food and water we  eat and drink.

That selfless unconditional love, teaching us that a sense of duty is not what should ever call us,  but instead, allowing this love to flow and find its direction through our hearts in to our lives.

Whomever you met, you found a way to gracefully fill their hearts with love, their souls with light  and their minds with clear direction and purpose. We must now remember to find within  ourselves and each other, through our open hearts, that light which will connect us to you again.

You are a true beacon of light, absolute and unreservedly, bringing forth selfless unconditional  love and light to this earth, to this consciousness and with such beautiful and effortless grace.  From the depths of our hearts we thank you for opening the doors of pure light within us.

Thank you for guiding us.

Thank you for showing us the path.

Thank you for your steadfast and relentless unconditional love.

Thank you for all that you have done and will carry on to do for us and for humanity.

You have been and will always be a wife, a sister, a mother, a friend, a companion, a guide, an  inspirer, a warrior of light, an angel sent from the gates of heaven.

Suraiya, the journey continues, for us and for you too, and we know to see and feel you again very  soon.

Thank you for melting our hearts with your smile.

Thank you for the deep wisdom through your eyes.

Thank you for showing us the simplicity of selfless unconditional love through your heart.  Thank you for showing us how simple yet powerful forgiveness can be.

Thank you for making everything good again through the warmth and comfort of your hugs.

And thank you for filling us with pure love through the beautiful food you prepared for us. You have healed and saved the lives of so many, humanity this way is indebted to you Suraiya.

The consciousness of the kingdoms honor you Suraiya, the plants that you gave such reverence  to, that you believed unreservedly in their light, to heal through your food, to heal through your  ceremony, to heal through your instruction to them. The animals that you allowed into the spirit  of your moment, the anaconda, jaguar, the eagles and the dragons. For protection, for guidance,  for healing. Now is your time Suraiya to soar with the eagles my love. Soar!

May your body rest in peace and may the light of your soul and consciousness shine on us forever.

We are privileged to have known you.

To have walked beside you.

To have had the opportunity to be greeted by your smile.

To have been met with the gaze of your eyes.

Those of us who have had the opportunity to hear you speak will remember those words deep  within us forever.

May the light of your legacy continue forever.

God bless you Suraiya and God hold you high within his Kingdom.

Within Suraiya’s ascension process, she asked that the legacy of her work continue and that her  long awaited cookbook be published. She asked for a legacy fund to be created into which  people can donate to help be part of its production.


She asked that you give her closest family space and time during this period and that instead of  sending cards and gifts and flowers, that people give towards her legacy fund instead. Please see  the link below.

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