Shamanic Couples

To find a male shamanic healer is relatively easy, to find a female healer can be much more harder, but to find a shamanic healing couple, especially a husband and wife who are able to bring their energy together in balance in a ceremony, well that is known to be a very rare thing indeed.


ayahusca masculine and feminine

Meeting of the Masculine & Feminine


The balance they have in daily life is reflected within ceremony, they are able to complement each other and respect each other’s roles and strengths within ceremony also, therefore there is a sacredness to medicine healing couples and to sit in such a ceremony can lead to a very healing and transformational process.


The woman, is the direct representation of nature. She is the guardian of the entrance to mother earth, her greatest strength is her connection to the earth, with the plants and their spirits, the creator of life and provider of nature. They will listen and resonate their energy to her will and intention. She is a nourisher of love.


The man is the warrior, the protector, the hunter, he respects the order of things. He provides shelter, security and harmony, one of his greatest powers is the connection with spirit animals, who he can call upon in ceremony to bring in their particular strength and energy.


aya mas & Fem

Balance & Harmony


Together the medicine couple and their participation of their feminine and masculine energy provides balance to the ceremony. In the ceremony, the man through his respect of order creates a safe space for the ceremony, he provides the shelter, security and harmony, he opens the space for her so that the she may bring the energy of life and love to the ceremony. She provides access to pachamama, to mother-earth and her healing through the energy of the plants and consciousness. She does this not just for the ceremony, but also for the protection and healing that the spirit animals will bring. In this way, their individual and entwined energies, respect and love bring a unique energy to the ceremony, they bring a unique healing, with respect to mother-earth, the and the balance of creation, they create something that is sacred.



When you find a medicine couple leading and directing a ceremony or ritual by working together, it completely changes the energy of the space and everything that’s happening inside the place, you sit in a safe place for the presence of man (the warrior), in a beautiful place, due to the delicacy of the woman (the guardian) in the decoration, the atmosphere of the enclosure, we can say that we are at home, a place where our mind, body and spirit relaxes to start the journey in knowing who we are, where we come from and where we are going.



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