Rapé (ha-PAY) is a preparation of powdered tobacco. This tobacco usually also contains other herbs and plants within it. It is used within ceremonies by shamans in the South American rainforest. It is blown through the nose, either by yourself with the help of a ‘v’ shaped applicator, or with the help of a shaman or friend by using a longer tube applicator.


This is a medicine and so considered to be sacred. It was traditionally prepared by a shaman who would have different blends of rape depending on the reason for its use. Some dieta plants can also be mixed with it such as Chri Sanango, which can give you a tickling effect as the qualities of Chiri Sanango are that it works on the nervous system. Mint can also be blended with the tobacco to produce a rape that helps with inflammation and relieve congestion.




It is very popular still within shamanic tribes of Peru, Ecuador and especially Brazil, however it is now coming out of just being used in shamanic ceremonies and people from all over the world are experiencing and producing rapé with different blended plants. It is important to remember though, rapé is a medicine, it is a strong medicine which uses one of the amazons most revered plants, tobacco. Before using rapé, attentions should be given to where you are and in what context you are taking this medicine. You should find yourself in a quiet place, that will allow you the chance to have time for reflection. A place without distraction. An intention and prayer should be made, permission sought and gratitude given from the spirit of mother nature and the plants, especially the plants contained within the rapé for these are the plants that will bring you healing through this medicine.


The effects of rape start with an intense burning sensation in the nostrils after which there is a light burning/tingling sensation from the top of the nose up to the crown of the head at which point it follows the line of the spine down through the body. As you breathe in these waves will follow through your body. It will bring tears to your eyes and after the uncomfortableness fades, you are left with a very light, floating feeling. Mucus will build up in the back of our sinuses and throat, and this can be spat out. Some people find that blowing their nose after 5 or 10 minutes also allows for a circular motion of breathing through their body, indeed this is energy that is also circulating around you.




It will help to release negative energies on or around you and allow you to feel a circle of energy around you too. It can have a very emotionally calming and relaxing effect and you may want to lie down after having rapé ritual.


It is also common nowadays to take part in rapé ceremonies where, with the releasing, cleansing and reflection forces of rapé can lead to many revelations and evolutions for your body and soul. Our rapé ceremonies are 1 day ceremony in nature or a indoors but surrounded by nature, where with the use of meditation techniques, drumming and other musical instruments you are given the chance to cleanse, journey and realise over staged sessions of rapé during the day.



Our Rapé sessions are usually run at our 3 day group retreats or specific Rapé day retreats, please see our group retreats or private retreats or contact us for more information.




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