Amazonia Chiric-Sanango Hapé (Rapé) – 10gm


Amazonia Chiric-Sanango Hapé (Rapé) – 10gm

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Amazonia Chiric-Sanango Hapé (Rapé) – 10gm

A beautiful Hapé from Peru that when used over days or weeks, becomes very formidable. It has a deep and strong quality that allows for great healing within the body. It is not a Hapé for journeying in the sense of other Hapé such as from the Yawanawa tribe, but it’s subtle force is well know within the tribes of the Amazonia.

It is a master plant and when used in dieta, it can make the body shake as it heals through a strong vibration from within, clearing old stagnant energy and emotions and leaving you refreshed, stronger, and revived.

Chiric Sanango – Helps to treat fevers, alleviate pain associated with arthritis, strengthen elderly people and their bones as well as to treat fever, diarrhea, wounds and inflammations.


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