I’m asked quite frequently if its possible to carry out a plant dieta in a modern town or city, so i’ve written a little about it here.

In its basic form, a plant dieta is a way to heal, communicate, gain knowledge from a particular plant, this is usually conducted in an environment of complete isolation and with a strict food intake regime. This is something shamans in South America have usually done as part of their on-going training and path with plant medicines, it is usually supported by Ayahuasca ceremonies at certain intervals during this dieta process, this is to gain a deeper knowledge and relationship with the plant.


That being said, the act of the plant dieta in its basic form is something that can be carried out by anyone who wants to gain healing, knowledge or a relationship with that plant they are dieting. So, can a dieta be carried out in a modern environment, without having to go to South America to experience???… Yes it can!… But!!!… there are many things to note here as such dietas can be dangerous and even fatal.

Why do you want to do this?

Firstly, to experience a dieta, one has to look at the reason why you’re doing it. Is it for a physical cure? To establish a communication channel with the plants? To gain knowledge of the plant? To find spiritual healing? To cleanse? These are good and valid reasons and identifying which is right for you from the start will help you to form your intentions and benefit you from your time in your dieta.

Understand the changes you will go through.

This is not just exploration into consciousness, this is not just communication with plant spirits, dietas will ultimately bring up emotions in you, deep emotions that we sometimes supress, hide or don’t even know exist. Not only will your regular food diet be adjusted so will your routine, it will make you emotional and it is important to be aware that you will go through emotional changes and therefore will need to make sure you have a support system in place, I cannot stress how important this is. Maybe your partner or someone who checks in with you every day and who is available to speak to during this process.

What plant are you going to diet?

It is also MOST important to realise the characteristics and toxicity levels of your plant that you are going to diet, many plants and herbs seem harmless however, once macerated and consumed in concentrated forms, they can become concentrated within the body and their active ingredients can then start to effect organs, blood system, brain function etc.


Can you commit?

It’s going to require you to start onto a vegetarian diet 2-4 weeks before. Then 3 days before a bland diet of boiled rice and lentils or beans without salt, no juice, no liquids apart from water. Consider if you’re going to work? Most likely you will ingest your concoction in the morning and so from this time until you have lunch will be the most sensitive time for you, it will be best to meditate during this morning time, consider where you will be and if you can take the mornings off away from any form of modern society/office/Wi-Fi/mobile phone etc.

The benefits… So, what’s the point of all of this? You will have the opportunity to diet plants and herbs from the local environment you live in, to feel the vibration of the nature that you live in is a wonderful and humbling thing. More than this, you will receive knowledge, healing and support from your local environment in a way that you have not understood before.


If you want to make a dieta at home and If you live in a modern environment, by which I mean, in an apartment or home where many other energies exist including Wi-Fi, TV, radio, people coming and going in your home, even if you will need to go to work through this time, then I would only really advise a dieta for the reasons of cleansing or physical or spiritual healing. To find much more than this, will be very hard and not appropriate in a modern environment condition.

Version 2Maq Umaqe is the Co-Founder of Sumaq Healing a spiritual healing project aimed at bringing awareness and healing to people within this ever-changing world, to bring people a true understanding of themselves, to love, to healing and to peace, so we can bring this forward for future generations whilst at the same time taking our part in healing mother earth. www.www.sumaqhealing.com | info@www.sumaqhealing.com

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