How can we trust the medicine, the ceremony, the facilitators?


To come to a ceremony for some people can be complete blind faith trust in the medicine, it’s energy and it’s connection to the light, to consciousness, to the universe… maybe they have experienced other medicines such as mushrooms, salvia etc and within the right setting have understood to trust, maybe they have experienced a calling from a deep soul level and understand the need to complete the cycle that lies unfinished within them… for others, even when they know this is the calling they have been waiting for, it can be a daunting, harrowing and a scary concept, full of fear and distrust… how can we then going into ceremony, become truly in trust  of this medicine.

Even we as healers, before we drink can feel nervous (usually because of the impending taste)… but also because for us we understand the energy of the medicine… this is a heart opening medicine… and it’s integration requires nothing less than a complete open heart from us. (This is why as healers, there can be no hidden secrets, no personal emotion, no attachments to anything, because these can be the places insecurities hide which in the end will lead to a heart that is not fully open). This is why the path of the healer is one of a way of life… as my wife says… “there is no holiday”.




But let’s get back to what we were talking about… a daunting, harrowing, scary thought or way of being is not a good way to start your journey. So we have to understand that the underlying emotion of these feelings is fear and to remove this. We have to understand the type of fear… this can be fear of the unknown… “I’ve never done anything like this before” or something based on a more tangible concept in terms of a knowing that you will need to let go of a particular trauma and to do so means revisiting it again.

We have to understand though, that whatever type of fear it may be, the choice to have that fear is based on a concept, because after all we are modern people and in the modern world we have learnt to understand concepts and that they can be used as great foundations for building things on. We have also learnt that when our concepts are removed, we are then left feeling insecure because something has been taken away.

We have to remember that concepts are man made, we have created them and  we have created them in the mind, given them energy and manifested them into tangible creations. This is why fear feels so real. We have to remember that as much as we give it energy, now is the time to stop. Because this medicine will not fit in to our pre-held concepts as its vibration is not from this place.


Heart shaped splash

The vibration of the medicine


Because the vibration of the medicine is not one of concepts… it is NOT from the place where the mind creates… in fact, it is the opposite. This is another reason why fear builds because we can not understand how to assimilate to its resonance.

The medicines resonance is from a place where the heart creates… free in flow and movement and with no agenda within its creation. No control, but instead freedom. This is the resonance of the medicine, this is the resonance of the heart, this is a place without a concept of fear or any concept to fit into.

So we start to understand that to assimilate to the medicine we have to open our hearts, so we can be in harmony with the medicine and with our ceremony.



Love Always Trusts



Our understanding must come from love, when we love we are in trust, when we feel from this place, yes it’s still a little scary… that’s called being nervous… and being nervous just means that you’re human, it’s an understandable emotion that has meaning, its the feeling that integrates the mind and the heart, so time to put this aside, and this should leave you with a feeling of love and trust in your heart and this feeling of love and trust is the same vibration as the medicine and it’s harmony that it brings forth to the ceremony.

A time to trust, a time to let go of concepts, a time to open the heart.

Blessings Maq ???



Maq UmaqeMaq Umaqe is the Co-Founder of Sumaq Healing a spiritual healing project aimed at bringing awareness and healing to people within this ever-changing world, to bring people a true understanding of themselves, to love, to healing and to peace, so we can bring this forward for future generations whilst at the same time taking our part in healing mother earth. |

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