Santiago – Comes from a long tradition of sacred indigenous teachings tracing back to the Cofan, Huaorani, Secoya and Kichwa tribes who he has lived among. Born in 1966, a native to Ecuador, Santiago found himself on the shamanic path at the age twenty-six after overcoming a serious illness working with sacred plants and the healing traditions of the Andes that extend down from Ecuador to Peru. He has since devoted his life to the path of indigenous teachings and healing with the sacred medicine of San Pedro.


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Raine Grant – Is a certified non-plant medicine shaman and healer. During a very specific time of her life, Raine started to understand that the consciousness of the people she was helping started to change without her being able to figure out why. Soon enough, Raine realised the same thing was happening with her because she was being guided by Divine Intelligence and all she had to do was allow it to happen – and so she did.

Raine is a light being and light worker and a clairvoyant, she can help you to let go of energies holding you back and see the path ahead a more clearly.

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