Group Retreat

One of the most popular ways to experience plant medicines is within a group retreat. It gives you the chance to understand the vast range of people and their backgrounds who come to experience plant medicine and also serves as a reflection upon what brings you here. During the retreat, it also gives you a chance to speak and engage with other participants and to support each other through the retreat.


Many groups stay in touch with each other after a retreat and support each other as they find their new way of life after what can be a life changing experience.

Our group retreats are usually centred around a weekend to give people the chance not to have to take too much time out of their daily schedule as we understand people can have work/life commitments.

Once you commit to a retreat you will receive a preparation document from us which will help you with practical information such as the correct diet to keep before your retreat along with other information such as things to be mindful and aware about.

Please see our Retreat Dates for a full list of upcoming retreats.





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