Plant medicines are coming out from the Amazon into Western society, this is not just by chance, this is to help us heal from the man-made world we have created. We are fast losing touch with nature and what is really important in our lives. But this is not to say that everything man-made is bad or destructive. There can be a balance and we can create a better world.


Such as that balance, our ceremonies and retreats are structured to help our participants benefit with maximum amount of understanding, love and healing.



Therefore, we follow a traditional method of ceremony, where icaros (traditional medicine songs) are played and sung in ceremony, along with drumming and array of other musical instruments that are played, we also introduce some more contemporary music however, please understand that we treat our ceremonies with the utmost respect, importance, care and diligence, we are not here to create ceremonies for dance, or feeling the vibe, but rather for healing.


We also employ other techniques not associated with traditional amazonian shamans such as tarot reading and breathing sessions, to help in the aid of your experience and healing through our ceremonies and retreats.



If any of this information resonates with you and you would like to know more then please see our group retreats or private retreats or contact us to know more.



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