Breathing Sessions

Our experiences through life can change the way we breathe. From daily life going about are usual day to day tasks and also to the way we breathe in reaction to a particular event. Sometimes these reactions can be subconsciously learnt by mirroring others such as family or friends in similar situations or from watching mainstream television, sometimes it can be from an inherent feeling we get in our body, in essence our bodies safety mode reaction.


We can express different breathing styles in reaction to our emotional state such as, fear, anger, pain, sadness, vulnerable, happiness, joy, love, exhilaration, euphoria. But breathing is not induced subconsciously depending on the sate we are in, it is actually the other way around, we are abler to put ourselves into a state by the way we breathe. It’s just that we are not always conscious about it.




By becoming conscious about our breathing, we are bringing it back from a state of uncontrollable subconscious reality into consciously being aware of the sate we can induce, which in turn can help us to change the way we feel, react and be, in any situation.


But before we can do that… we need to learn the power of our own breath, and to do that, we have to allow it to take us on a journey, a journey of all your emotions, from sadness to happiness, from fear to joy, to allow it to express all the emotions that it can induce within us.


Through life we sometimes become stuck through certain situations or we get blocked by certain energies we cannot shift, these can be due to certain situations arising and us not being able to see a path through it. Through the power of your own breath you can learn to un-attach these energies from yourself, to let them go and be able to move on, move forward with your path in life, your purpose in life, to be free.




We need to get in touch with your breathe again and make friends with it, to give it gratitude for giving us the chance to express, for giving us the chance to live through it, so we can become aware in every moment of our lives, where we choose the right reaction and therefore the right emotion for any circumstance.


Through our breathing sessions, we support you to create intentions for your session, we create a safe space for you to explore those intentions and support you through a new way forward.



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