We could start off by telling you about where Ayahuasca comes from and how it came to be from the jungle of the Amazon and how it’s started to enter into the fabric of western society today, how men and women from all over the world are coming into contact with Ayahuasca for a variety of different reasons from ailments and illness to psychotherapeutic healing, so we’ve covered that in a whole section at the bottom of this page with just that information.


But to give you a better understanding of Ayahuasca we would like to start with giving you our experience and journey with Ayahuasca, we hope it will give you a better understanding of this truly magical medicine and hope this gives you a little more insight and a lot more understanding of the true healing aspect of this amazing, amazing medicine.


Ayahuasca is without a doubt one of the most magical, life transforming, humbling medicines we have experienced. Because she (Ayahuasca) gets you to look in a mirror at yourself, and as daunting as that can sound, she does it in a way where it’s in a very familiar setting for you, so you feel comfortable and at ease to look at different parts of yourself.


aya cooking.jpg

Ayahuasca Vine & Chacruna Leaves Being Prepared Ready For Cooking


For me Maq, this is how the journey started, with a long deep look into a mirror, she helped me to look at my understanding of relationships I had in my life, my family, friends, people who I had experiences with and my version of the story I had lived by. Then she enabled me to look at the true version of those events, from a place where the emotion had been removed for that moment, from there I began to understand that I had never truly taken into account all of the facts, because I was hurting. I had closed my heart long ago and I had changed my perception of reality to help me to cope. She showed me how my perception of reality changed when my heart was closed and how I hurt others around me and in turn hurt myself.


She showed me how I had changed an emotion of fear or judgment into anger or hate and that it was in that moment with her she showed me how it was all understandable. But now, now was a moment of realisation, awareness and change a moment where I had a choice to change all of this and as I realised all of this, I had a choice to forgive and I began to forgive those who had hurt me and began to forgive myself for how in turn I had hurt others. I felt free, free of the chains of guilt I had wrapped myself in for all these years, I could truly be myself again, I was humbled and grateful for Ayahuasca showing me this, for showing me how to be truly responsible for always keeping my heart open and always looking at life without judgement or fear again. When we have whether it be our own or another person’s realisation, we have a responsibility to always keep an open mind free of judgement.


Ayahuasca will help you to look at all aspects of you to find out what is of real importance, to help you heal your body and your mind so you can give importance to your heart. It is your heart after all that when feeling fulfilled, creates a feeling throughout your body of love and completeness. Think about that moment when you have been in complete love in your life, that moment when maybe you met your partner or a baby was born or a realisation of love. If you can’t feel that or don’t have a memory of such a thing, maybe it’s time to look deeper into yourself. With this realisation, I was able to let go of the past and move on to a future where my heart thinks and talks first.


chacruna leaf.jpg

Chacruna Leaves



For me Suraiya, I would call my first experience with Ayahuasca a miracle. I had been mainly bed bound for over a decade, my movements limited from my bed to my wheelchair when I was required to go out. I was diagnosed with an incurable condition called Lyme Disease, it’s a virus that infects your blood systems and then slowly kills you as it carries out systematic damage to major organs such as your brain, kidneys, heart, lungs etc. As it does this your body starts to fail and in my case, it started to attack my heart and my brain and I started to suffer from heart attacks and strokes and a loss of cognitive function. Due to the inflammation in my body I had increased in size to almost double my usual size.


The last few years were the worst where some days I was left completely immobile and my body was in constant aggressive pain. I was taking pharmaceutical drugs every 2 hours to help with the pain, from pethidine to diazepam being some of the worst. One night I prayed and submitted to the universe for an end to this suffering and that night she replied… I searched online for holistic and Lyme disease and I found Ayahuasca, 1 week later Maq and I found ourselves at an Ayahuasca ceremony and during the second night of this ceremony, Ayahuasca spoke to me and I surrendered to her, I put myself completely in her hands, if I was to die that night it would be ok, complete surrender… that night she rebuilt my body again from scratch, from light, it was almost an unbearable vibration whilst this happened but I knew I had to undergo this transformation. The next morning when I awoke the pain had gone, it had absolutely gone and there was only but belief in my heart and mind of the miracle that had taken place. I understood as she had told me that it would take time for my physical body to be able to do the things again, as she said… you are still in a human body so you have to give it time to adjust. I had lost 2 dress sizes overnight and did not need assistance of my wheelchair or cane. A true miracle.


I joined my husband Maq on his quest of knowledge with Ayahuasca and San-Pedro and in doing so was offered an invitation by Ayahuasca to work with her. This was a privilege and I accepted, something that brings me here to this day.


We hope through this you can start to understand the true nature of love and healing energy that this medicine represents. If you would like to know more at this stage, please feel free to contact us.

Humbleness and Gratitude – Suraiya & Maq


aya brew

Ayahuasca Brew Being Served



Now for the bit we promised… the background to Ayahuasca…



Ayahuasca (vine of the souls) or Yage are traditional native names from the Amazon for a particular vine found in the Amazon jungle, otherwise known by its botanical name Banisteriopsis Caapi. It is usually used to make a medicinal tea. Ayahuasca is used throughout the Amazon by Ayahuasqueros and Curanderos (shaman) for them to access the visionary, mythological or spiritual realms and for physical, mental and spiritual healing.


When brewing Ayahuasca, it is typically mixed with Chacruna leaves or as known by its botanical name Psychotria viridi. Chacruna is the primary leaf that is added however, some mixtures can contain Chaliponga (Diplopterys cabrerana) Usually this is found more in Columbia and Ecuador.


Many different plants can be added to the brew for specific reasons, such as bobinsana (Calliandra angustifolia) which is commonly used to help patients open their heart.


ayahuasca drawings.jpg

Ayahuasca Vision Painting


Purging is a process of letting go of energies that do not serve you anymore. This happens to a few people during ceremony and be in different ways, from puking, to going to the toilet, to yawning. Some people are conscious of what it is they are purging, others are not but do feel free or lighter after purging. It is part of the process of cleansing oneself from things that do not serve us anymore and is very much part of the ceremony. If you feel you may have an issue with physically puking in front of others then please feel free to talk to us either before or at the ceremony.


Indigenous use:

Ayahuasca is a revered and respected sacred medicine, it is considered a spiritual and physiological remedy for all purposes. This is because this medicine can instruct in healing, can give visionary insight and aid in the remedy of psychological imbalances.

For indigenous people such as the Shippibo tribes of Peru, Ayahuasca is “the mother of all medicines”. Other indigenous peoples regard Ayahuasca as the Grandmother. Ayahuasca, “the Vine of the souls,” is perceived as a communicating being who guides, teaches, and heals. Ayahuasca also acts as a mediator and translator between the human and plant worlds, and teaches humans how to communicate with plants and use them for various purposes.


Shamans Alter

Shamans Alter – Ayahuasca, Mapachos, Agua De Florida & Other Remedies


Modern use:

At the turn of the twentieth century, as more people entered the Amazon to extract raw materials, they came into contact with indigenous healers and when they became ill they turned to these healers for help and from there have become aware of Ayahuasca and its healing properties.


Since that time, many people with different views and techniques have come to work with Ayahuasca in their own way, be it with certain religious values or a different style of ceremony such as group chanting and healing ceremonies or using its healing properties to help those with specific conditions such as drug or alcohol addictions.


In the past decade Ayahuasca is gained a large interest from Western society. Not only academic researchers in the field of psychotherapy have shown an increased interest, but a new Ayahuasca tradition is developing via what is known as “Ayahuasca tourism.” Individuals from industrialised countries are traveling to South America to drink Ayahuasca with Amazonian healers, and Amazonian healers are learning to adapt their healing traditions to the needs of patients from the western world.


Traditional healers in the Amazon, charge for their services; reciprocation is important in Amazonian and Andean culture, and in the Amazonian world one’s willingness to offer something of value communicates the seriousness of one’s intent to the spirits.


Needless to say, since foreigners represent money, there are increasing numbers of charlatans in these regions who represent themselves as trained shamans and offer Ayahuasca to tourists. It is increasingly important to be conscious and aware of who you are drinking the brew with and to know the ingredients within it.



Our Shamanic Alter Bali 2016


Ayahuasca is a medicine that once consumed will help you to raise your vibration to its and in turn you will have access to healing … and she has a voice… and she will help you to find YOU in your life. She will help you to realise for the first time what is really important in your life and show you what is not, sometimes that can be a real revelation, sometimes it can be hard to let go off, because we don’t want to deny ourselves some particular pleasure or thing we currently do, from smoking or eating too much etc., But at that point you then have the key, it’s your turn to make a change in your life for you, to put the key in the door and open it. To unlock yourself from things holding you back, to let go off what you don’t need anymore, so you can become the best new version of you, for your evolution, for the evolution of mankind… You have the key!


It’s time to make that change!



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