“our mission… to help us to evolve by recognising what we have become and how we have become this… by learning the value to true forgiveness, humbleness and gratitude. Only then can we truly awaken and make change for ourselves and our future”.    

Maq Umaqe


Welcome to SuMaq Healing, we are Suraiya and Maq and for most of our life, we have worked in service, through corporate business, through our personal life, with friends and family and now through the work we do with plant medicines. Through this journey in life… we have found how to evolve in a mental, physical and spiritual way, this we have done with the utmost humbleness and gratitude to plant medicines which have shown us the way.




Through our experience with plant medicines we have found we (mankind) are losing our touch with the harmony of the planet and so, losing the balance in which to live in all aspects of our life though our journey on this earth. We have lost the message from consciousness, from nature and from really listening to our heart. About what?… about our true way forward, the true balance, about how to live in true harmony with consciousness, with awareness, with nature, with this developed world we have created and in harmony with ourselves.




Imagine a world in which we all take responsibility for our actions, through honesty, humbleness, gratefulness and compassion… without learnt emotions such as anger, greed and hate, only then can we learn again how to first truly love ourselves before we learn to truly love others.

First things first… We need to lower our ego and thoughts of ‘we know best’ and living in denial… we need to start trusting again that we do not know everything… in fact… we know nothing and we need to start trusting the natural laws of the universe and nature. These things we seldom think about, yet they (the laws of the universe and nature) have been here a lot longer than us humans and they have existed in harmony with the planet, we just forgot how to trust and listen to them and then to start to trust ourselves and truly listen to ourselves again.




Our role… through our years of service and dedicated learning from plant medicines, we have learnt to live again in balance with the world. Its not easy, especially in the western world where we are consistently bombarded by mind influencing images, ideals and a way of life that gives us no time to stop and take stock of what we are doing.

Yes… we could run off into the jungle and live quite happily there away from the devastation that man is creating in the name of progress… but then our purpose will be unfilled… we will not evolve and we will not have taken our responsibility in this human evolution. Our evolution is your evolution… together we can make a change for our future, for the future of the generations of men, women and children who have the privilege to step on to this planet.


Eagle Soars


Join us… in knowing more about who you really are… in knowing your true purpose… in taking responsibility for your part in this beautiful world we have the privilege to live in.

Humbleness and gratitude – Suraiya & Maq

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